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After Green comet, India's Himalayan telescope spots 2nd one called Comet C/2020 V2 ZTF

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In the first week of January 2023, India's highest observatory, the Himalayan Chandra Telescope (HCT) spotted the rare green comet called Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF), which is making its closest approach after 50000 years.

This unusual comet recently completed its orbit around the Sun and is now journey towards the Earth. It will come closest to Earth in Early February.

And now, it has been announced that the Chandra Telescope has spotted its 2nd comet.Now, within two weeks, the Chandra Telescope, placed atop Mount Saraswati in Ladakh spotted another comet while scanning the deep sky.

It is Comet C/2020 V2 (ZTF) which has a wide coma and a short tadpole-shaped dust tail. It came from the Oort Cloud but will exit the solar system given its hyperbolic orbit."There is a second #comet visible these days, Comet C/2020 V2 (ZTF), which was photographed by our astronomers using the Himalayan Chandra Telescope at #Hanle, #Ladakh.

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