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5 Great Horror Movies Under 90 Minutes

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When modern audiences enter their local multiplex, they expect an experience between 90 and 120 minutes, but the occasional feature makes news by going way over that limit.

Sometimes, however, making a film shorter than the average feature can have a huge impact on its pacing, especially in the world of horror.Modern films tend to go on a bit longer than they should.

This can weaken the flow and make an otherwise solid piece of cinema feel unwieldy or overblown. Refusing to cut down a long story could hurt any genre, but it can be lethal to horror.

That's why horror movies that keep brevity in mind should be celebrated. 5 International Horror Movies For Slasher FansRuntime: 88 MinutesFede Álvarez's 2016 horror-thriller subverts the home invasion subgenre to create a grim and shocking roller coaster ride.

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