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120-foot wide asteroid coming horrifyingly close to Earth; NASA reveals stunning speed

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Around 66 million years ago, an asteroid crashed into Earth and ended the age of the dinosaurs! This devastating asteroid crash caused the extinction not just of dinosaurs, but a wide range of other living beings too, including environmental and biotic organisms.

It was just one tale filled with terror amongst the total of 1113527 asteroids found so far. However, the terror of asteroid crashes is very much there today for humanity too.

Almost on a daily basis, NASA keeps everyone alert about the upcoming planet-killer space rocks such as asteroids and comets.

In a recent development, NASA has found a massive 120-foot wide asteroid that is hurtling towards Earth today to make a horrifyingly close approach.NASA's Asteroid Watch dashboard says that any asteroid which will approach within 4.6 million miles or 7.5 million kilometers of Earth and will measure more than about 150 meters, will be termed as a potentially hazardous asteroid.

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