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10 horror game monsters with a tragic backstory

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Horror video games consistently compel players to interact with narratives and characters. Some horror games allow one to delve deeper and seek answers to mysteries surrounding the plot and the characters.

Players act as a channel to fill the voids created by the mysticism between the storyline and characters. Although the existence of some horror game creatures is still unknown, the game's hidden references and puzzles serve as a way to narrate the tales around them.Players are horrified by some monsters with frightening characteristics, but upon realizing their tragedies, they experience grief and disbelief.

Some YouTubers have created videos based on fan theories and information found in-game on the creatures. Fans of horror video games have constantly expressed an interest in stories about creatures and characters' events.The gaming version of Nemesis was developed from a host of T-Virus, whose species is uncertain.

Nemesis was revealed in the movie to have originally been human before being mutated into a gigantic monster and enhanced through surgery.

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