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WoW Wrath Classic devs are “feeling the pressure” of its legacy

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WoW Wrath Classic hopes to remaster arguably the best chapter of the MMO‘s ongoing saga, and the devs over at Blizzard know for a fact they have to get it right.

Speaking to principal technical designer Kris Zierhut (who worked on the original WoTLK) and game producer Joshua Greenfield, it’s clear just how important getting Wrath Classic right is for the dev team. “We definitely do feel the pressure to make this as great as it can be,” Zierhut states, prompting a series of nods from Greenfield. “Remembering how much my fellow players and I loved it the first time around, I want it to be just as great this time. “I have all these friends, guild mates, and raid members that I play with and I talk to on a daily basis, and I feel the pressure because they’re depending on this – they’re so excited, they want it to be so great. “There’s pressure to make it great, but I also feel confident that, having worked on Wrath the first time, we have an understanding of what we want to do and how to make it work so we can make it great,” he continues. “While there’s pressure, I’m still very confident that what we’re releasing is an amazing game.” Greenfield echoes this. “It helps a lot having a lot of folks like Kris and there’s other individuals on the World of Warcraft team that worked on it when it was current.

Having that expertise means we can actually go to the source when we’re talking about design intent and direction, and it really helps a lot.

It fills me with a lot more confidence for such a daunting task,” he concludes with a smile. It’s no secret that, for many World of Warcraft players, Wrath was when WoW peaked.

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