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Weekend Hot Topic: The best sci-fi video games

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Readers discuss their favourite science fiction video games, from Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic to Deus Ex.The subject for this week’s Hot Topic follows on from last week’s about fantasy games and while it allowed for licensed games it also encouraged people to also discuss their favourite franchises that are unique to video games.There were surprising omissions – nobody mentioned Halo – but also some games that came up again and again, especially Mass Effect and Star Wars titles.Science fantasy I’m sure it’s a popular suggestion but the Mass Effect games must be my favourite sci-fi games.It’s got spacefaring familiar to fans of Star Trek and Star Wars, but with an interesting spin around the mass relays.But it’s actually the lore that makes it for me – being able to dive into those cultures and their histories (including future humanity’s) through interactions with characters or by reading the codex is just great.I’d say it falls into science fiction, rather than fantasy because it’s underpinned by actual scientific concepts and the human condition, despite the fantastical places the story goes.

I’ve always been a sucker for that stuff, that’s why I lean towards Star Trek over Star Wars.Contrast it with Star Wars, which is firmly science fantasy because it isn’t too concerned with the principles behind hyperdrives and lightsabers, just that they’re cool.

No bad thing in itself of course.There’s always room for more sci-fi but, yeah, something that has a fresh/innovative approach to the genre is preferable to cloning the big series.Oh!

And they don’t have to be action games!FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)Strange new worlds Great topic!

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