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Unhappy Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players claim mixed results requesting refunds

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Unhappy Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players seeking refunds for the games have reported receiving mixed results.The latest mainline titles in the Pokémon series were released last week and have broken sales record for publisher Nintendo, but they’ve also been heavily criticised for their buggy state at launch.Their well-documented performance issues—and a lack of any public statements so far about planned title updates—have led to a number of players attempting to get their money back, with some success.“I got a refund from the eshop last night of Violet after feeling the game is not in a state I feel acceptable for a AAA release,” one Reddit user wrote.“The rep actually told me that given the situation regarding the state of Pokemon S/V she would elevate my case to ensure the refund was approved.

It was approved an hour later.”“Welcome to the refund team,” another user replied. “Honestly, it sucks to have to even do this.

But we are actually potentially making some decent backlash. Maybe we will get a decent patch and updates, in which case I’ll buy the game used.

Until then, never will buy a new Pokemon game unless its actually AAA tier.”“Nintendo refunded my digital copy of Pokémon Violet, it’s just too broken”, another player tweeted. “I’ll pick it up again when it’s fixed.

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