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Twitch Streamer Swatted During Cooking Stream

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Popular Twitch streamers have branched out of video games into making variety and IRL content, but that can often be dangerous when nefarious viewers know of their whereabouts.

During a recent cooking stream, one such Twitch streamer was swatted as local police raided their home due to some unknown allegations.June 21 was much like any other Taco Tuesday for HeyItsMeSalty as the Twitch streamer and began a cooking stream, a type of content that's become commonplace on his channel.

During previous cooking streams, HeyItsMeSalty has created a plethora of dishes like Neapolitan Margherita pizza, pasta with meatballs, pancake stacks, Pad Thai, Stuffed Peppers, and much more.

Although most members of the Twitch community join Twitch cooking streams to see what accidents might happen, interact with the popular streamer, and discover new cooking techniques, one of them called the police on HeyItsMeSalty to get him swatted during the stream, which was noted by Dexerto.Streamer Swatting is Still Not the AnswerHeyItsMeSalty's Taco Tuesday stream was interrupted, like PixelKitten's Twitch charity stream was just a couple of days prior, by armed police entering their home with weapons drawn as they search the area.

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