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Trombone Champ Doesn't Take Itself Seriously, and That's Great

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Every now and then, a quirky little Indie game will make the rounds online. For games like Undertale and Stardew Valley, this extreme level of publicity can make it an overnight success, but for games going viral for all the wrong reasons, it can be a death sentence.

Thankfully, the internet's latest craze, Trombone Champ, definitely belongs to the former category, offering some of the most absurd, tongue-in-cheek gameplay of any video game this year.Released just a week ago, Trombone Champ fuses together Wii Sports and Guitar Hero, creating one of the most bizarre gaming experiences of the year.

Players take control of the titular brass instrument as they attempt to play along to 20 iconic classical music tracks, but due to some deliberately obtuse controls, the whole experience can end up being laughably bad.

But that's a deliberate design choice, and with some other tongue-in-cheek references thrown in throughout, Trombone Champ is far from a serious game, and it's a breath of fresh air right now.Ubisoft's Rocksmith, Just Dance Plans Lean Harder Into Live-Service Than EverFrom the very get-go, Trombone Champ wears its absurdity on its sleeve.

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