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Tower of Fantasy character creator lets you Smash or Pass the avatars of other players

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Tower of Fantasy's in-depth anime character creator lets you share your own avatar and vote on the creations of others, and it also includes a Smash or Pass-style roulette reminiscent of the bottomless pits of dating apps.

I discovered this tidy little feature for myself while poking through the preload client ahead of the Tower of Fantasy launch times scheduled for tomorrow, August 10.

To the surprise of no one, the most popular Tower of Fantasy custom characters are Genshin Impact lookalikes, but the Smash or Pass tab – technically Like or Pass, but that's just splitting hairs really – is a much more varied free-for-all.

I absolutely refuse to believe that the user interface and wording for this feature is an accident. The Like and Pass options are blatant enough, and you can even build a bank of favorites for the characters you choose to Smash – I mean Like.

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