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Terrifying solar storm strikes Earth! Carried by solar winds moving at 500 km/s

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In the last couple of days, the threat of fast-moving solar winds has been building up for Earth. An active region on the Sun spewed these magnetized solar particles towards the Earth which have been galloping towards the Earth at a reckless speed of 500 kilometers per second.

Yesterday, the first batch of these solar winds struck the Earth and created a co-rotating interaction region (CIR), a hole in the magnetosphere of our planet.

As a result, these subsequent solar winds will have an easier time getting inside our atmosphere and they can cause an intense solar storm event.

Read on to know the consequences of these solar storms.The development was reported by which stated, “Earth is entering a stream of high speed (> 500 km/s) solar wind flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the Sun's atmosphere.

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