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Terrifying 1859-type solar storm can strike Earth AGAIN soon; Know what can happen

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Solar storms as a cosmic nuisance have been present since the origin of the Sun itself. But most of these are minor to moderate in intensity that do not really impact us in a major way.

The Earth regularly deals with shortwave radio blackouts, GPS disruptions and even minor satellite damage, but that has been the limit, more or less, of its powers in recent years.

However, solar storms are capable of extreme levels of destruction. History tells us about one such terrifying occurrence that changed our views on just how powerful explosions on the Sun can be.

It happened in 1859 and we know it as the Carrington event. And some experts believe that the next Carrington event is not far away.Occurring between September 1 and 2, 1859, the Carrington event is the worst solar storm recorded in history.

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