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Resident Evil Spin-Offs Deserve Remakes Too

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The Resident Evil franchise hasn't really left the limelight since its debut all the way back in 1996 on the original PlayStation.

While the franchise as a whole has had its various ups and downs over the last few decades, it's always stayed extremely relevant, and at the forefront of the horror gaming landscape.

And now, with some of the most beloved entries receiving full remakes, Resident Evil is bigger than ever. However, there is still room to expand, and there are a bunch of Resident Evil spinoffs that are ripe for the remake treatment.Objectively speaking, Resident Evil doesn't have the best history when it comes to spinoffs.

Over the last decade or so, Resident Evil's spinoffs have been pretty underwhelming, with Operation Raccoon City being a buggy mess of a squad shooter, and Umbrella Corps being widely regarded as one of the worst games of 2016.

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