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Potion Permit: Beginner Tips

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Taking on the challenge of being the chemist in a town that basically hates your guts is a lofty one, especially when a good rapport with your patients is the key to success. Potion Permit would have you accomplish just that, introducing you to the town of Moonbury and its colorful cast of characters.

RELATED: Potion Permit Review - A Chemist’s Life For Me As a life simulation game, there are quite a few things that you'll need to get your head around when it comes to your new life in Moonbury.

There are people to form attachments to, a wilderness to explore, not to mention all the potions you'll need to craft! One of the only really reliable ways to get to know people in Potion Permit is to talk to them. Once per day, talking to a person will boost your trust meter with them a little - once it fills up entirely, you'll be able to take on a short quest or witness an event with that character to progress to the next relationship level.

The only other ways to increase your trust meter with a character is to complete a quest for them, gift them some Moon Cloves, or treat them in your clinic.

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