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Potential Ubisoft, Square Enix Acquisitions Feel So Weird

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Acquisitions have been frequent in gaming in recent years, and the price tags attached to these purchases are only inflating.

With its deep pockets, Microsoft has been able to acquire Zenimax Media (which owns Bethesda Games) for $7.5 billion, and Activision Blizzard for close to $69 billion.

Sony has also been doing a fair bit of shopping, and it has expanded the line of PlayStation first-party studios to include Bungie for $3.6 billion, as well as Haven, Bluepoint, and Housemarque, to name a few.

If reports are to be believed, the wave of acquisitions is far from over, and companies being eyed up include Ubisoft and Square Enix.There are many arguments to be made for why a Sony acquisition of Square Enix makes sense, and the acquisition of Ubisoft might help to breathe new life into the company.

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