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Persona 6 Characters Should Use Less Standard Arcana

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Persona 6, the next main series title in the popular Japanese role-playing game series, will likely continue the tarot theme first established in the original Revelations: Persona.

If Persona 6 follows the pattern of previous games, each playable character will fight using a Persona associated with one of the Major Arcana from the tarot deck.

However, Persona 6 should not simply stick to the standard 22 Major Arcana from the popular Rider-Waite tarot deck, but should explore more variants and completely unused Arcana.Although variant Arcana began to appear as early as Persona 3, recent Persona games have unfortunately become fairly stagnant in how the Arcana are used.

The protagonist of the past three games has been represented by the Fool Arcana, while the Magician Arcana has been their close sidekick, the Lovers and Priestess have both been female characters who are potential love interests, and the Hierophant has been an older male authority figure.

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