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"Keep it moving!" - NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen tells off after being pranked in public by YouTuber Lofe

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NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen recently fell victim to a prank by a YouTuber while out in public. The two-time NBA champion was getting some shopping done at a Target supermarket when he crossed paths with a content creator by the name of Lofe.Lofe as well as a couple of friends were recording a video inside the store, pranking strangers by making farting noises in their general area.

Allen was among the shoppers targeted by the prank.The former NBA star told Lofe and his companions off, commanding them to stop recording and to leave him alone.

He stated:Timestamp 3:44The NBA Legend crossed paths with popular YouTuber Lofe while shopping at Target. Lofe's content typically consists of prank videos, netting him nearly a million subscribers to date.Ray Allen's trip to the store was interrupted by the YouTuber, who was recording his latest prank video.

The prank involved him making fake fart sounds around customers and trying to elicit reactions from them. Allen happened to be one of those shoppers and was not happy about the joke.The shooting guard told off Lofe as well as his cameraman, telling them that he wasn't okay with being pranked and recorded on camera.

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