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"I don't want you talking about the divorce on your Twitch" - YouTuber provides details about the alleged "divorce" of xQc and Adept

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During a livestream on January 24, YouTuber Henry Resilient revealed details about Twitch streamers Felix "xQc" and Sammy "Adept's" alleged divorce.

He reviewed a nine-page-long legal document titled "Original Petition for Divorce."According to the document, xQc and Adept got married on August 25, 2020, and "ceased to live together as spouses" on October 31, 2022.

Henry Resilient then provided context for the temporary restraining order, stating that it's present in "every divorce" that's filed in Texas.The YouTuber explained what was mentioned in the "Request for Permanent Injunction" section and stated:The investigation into xQc and Adept's alleged divorce documents began at the 20-minute mark of Henry Resilient's livestream (on January 24), when he read out the two parties named in the filing.

He stated:According to Henry Resilient, the dates of marriage and separation mentioned in the document were "very specific:"Timestamp: 00:20:15The next section that the YouTuber focused on was the "Request for Permanent Injunction," claiming that it was an "important" part.

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