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I didn't want the Dragon Quest Treasures demo to end

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My demo time with Dragon Quest Treasures begins aboard a Viking longship. As the blue-haired protagonist Erik, I'm trying to reach the top deck to meet up with my sister and co-protagonist Mia.

A group of raucous, boozy Vikings, however, have other plans – immediately blocking my path just outside the starting area, one declares that I'm far too young to join in their festivities.

Thankfully, though, I can use Erik's small stature to my advantage to get past them. Crouching through a small gap to the side of the group, I soon find myself in close proximity to another Viking who's having a kip.

Just below the slumbering fellow, I spy some reading material I can interact with. When I do, I'm informed in a humorous way that Erik is too young to really understand what it is he's looking at.

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