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How to get companionship EXP in Genshin Impact Spices From The West event

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Genshin Impact fans are relieved to finally make adjustments to the Serenitea Pot after the release of Spices from the West event.Travelers will help an NPC named Nazafarin who arrives on Liyue from Sumeru.

Players will help with Nazafarin's research where travelers will have to make new seasonings according to the recipes. To create new seasonings, players will have to collect them first and add them to the required dishes.

They can invite characters to the Serenitea Pot to try these dishes, which will unlock new dialogs and increase their companion EXP.This article will explain everything players need to know about increasing companion exp through the new event in Genshin Impact.Spices from the West event allows travelers to mix ingredients and create "fragrant seasonings." The ingredients vary from recipe to recipe and these fragrant seasonings are to be added to selected dishes to make "fragrant dishes." Keep in mind that fragrant seasonings can only be added to "delicious" dishes.Players can invite their desired characters to the Serenitea Pot and have them taste the fragrant dishes to receive various rewards.

Additionally, fragrant dishes will also increase their Companion EXP and each character will react differently based on their taste.Players need to create "fragrant seasonings" first in order to make fragrant dishes.

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