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How to find Lady Shrike in Hard West 2

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Hard West 2 is a real-time strategy game that adds a fun supernatural edge to the classic cowboy tale. Players who enjoyed the 2015 original or its 2019 Switch release will be thrilled to see this entry in the bizarrely specific fantasy western RTS genre return.Like most games in this subgenre, players can take on wanted posters and hunt down bounties.

Some will be extremely easy to find, while others will take hours of searching. One of the most interesting battles in the game may seem impossible at first, but she'll reveal herself when the time is right.One can grab tons of different bounties throughout Hard West 2, but the reward for Lady Shrike won't be claimed easily.

Partially because she's tough to take down, but also because of when players get the poster.They are free to take on Lady Shrike's bounty at the start of the game's second chapter.

Typically, the bounty would come with a green waypoint to send the player in the right direction. Lady Shrike's doesn't have this helpful guide, so one will feel lost.This is because Lady Shrike isn't available when the bounty is taken.

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