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How to attend Brok’s funeral in God of War Ragnarok and obtain “Funeral for a Friend” trophy

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Much like its sequel, God of War Ragnarok has a riveting narrative that provides an incredible cinematic experience.There are many high points in the narrative.

However, there are also some emotional and rather heart-wrenching moments that one will experience as Kratos and Atreus explore Midgard.One such moment in the storyline is Bork’s death, which occurs later on in the main narrative.

After falling prey to Odin’s machinations, his death becomes a crucial moment in the game's plot.What many players may not be aware of is that they can attend Brok’s funeral in the game.

It’s not something that Kratos gets to experience as part of the narrative. However, players will be able to access it as part of one of the side quests known as Favors.

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