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Gordy The Ape?! Why Nope Needed Its Weirdest Subplot

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Warning: contains SPOILERS for Nope. Nope's weird Gordy the Ape subplot may seem like the movie's least relevant element, yet it's actually quite crucial in tying together the various themes.

Ricky «Jupe» Park (Steven Yeun), the owner of the Western-themed tourist attraction Jupiter's Claim, was a former child actor on the '90s show Gordy's Home.

While shooting the episode «Gordy's Birthday,» popping balloons set the chimp actor playing Gordy off into a violent rage that killed, maimed, and permanently disfigured those present on set.

Hiding under a nearby table, Jupe was spared from the chimp's rampage. Upon calming down, the chimp even offered Jupe an attempted fist bump before animal control shot him.

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