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Fact Check: Can you save the Trapped Worker in The Callisto Protocol

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As you make your way through the Black Iron Prison in The Callisto Protocol, you will be meeting a few characters along the way, most of whom you will not be able to save in time.While you might work your way to these NPCs, solving the puzzles around to get to them, you will never be able to make it in time as these portions of the game are scripted.

No matter how fast you are able to reach them, they will be dead by the time you approach.This is the same for the Trapped Worker as well in The Callisto Protocol.

Many in the community were wondering if this NPC was one that Jacob gets to save as he makes his way through the narrative.Unfortunately, the Trapped Worker cannot be saved in any way and by the time you reach him, he will have died.Throughout the eight chapters of The Callisto Protocol, you will come across such characters who will be asking you for help.

In most cases, you will not be able to save them as the progression here is scripted.Such is the case for the Trapped Worker as well, whom you will find in the fifth Chapter, Lost, which takes place right after Jacob and Elias get ambushed by Captain Ferris.

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