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Controversial PlayStation Survey Asks Gamers About NFTs

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NFTs and the implementation of blockchain technology in video games continue to be an incredibly controversial topic in the gaming industry.

Executives see NFTs as an opportunity for increased monetization with little overhead, while many gamers see little benefit to gameplay tainted by exploitative monetization and environmental concerns. PlayStation has largely remained silent on the topic, despite patents implying future NFT efforts.

Now PlayStation has issued a survey on NFTs that's already creating pushback online.Twitter user Snorlax Ownz shared a screenshot taken from the PlayStation Quest that they received, tasking them to respond to a survey question.

The question they received was, «Which of the following NFT/Digital Collectibles would you most be interested in purchasing?» Responses included NFTs related to players' favorite game characters, esports players or teams, favorite music artists, and even EVO-branded NFTs.

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