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Arkane Director Pitched Thief 4, a Blade Runner Game, and a Game Inspired By Michael Mann's Heat

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Harvey Smith is best known for his work on Arkane's Dishonored series, but he's now revealed a trio of games he pitched that never entered development.Speaking to NME, Smith said he at one point pitched a Blade Runner game, a fourth entry in the Thief series, and an immersive sim inspired by the 1995 crime drama Heat.Smith is obviously a fan of the immersive sim genre, which is a staple part of most Arkane games.

So it's no surprise that the games the designer pitched largely fall under that umbrella. The Thief series is one of the defining examples of the immersive sim genre, and it did eventually get a fourth entry with 2014's Thief developed by Eidos-Montreal.

While the interview didn't share many details about the Blade Runner pitch, arguably the most interesting pitch was the Heat immersive sim.

Heat was directed by Michael Mann and stars Robert De Niro, a master criminal planning one last big heist before retirement.

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