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Apex Legends Lifeline update: Respawn to retain her, favoring ease of use over competitiveness

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Respawn developers have clarified that Lifeline will stay on the roster despite facing criticism from the community. There are select champions like Lifeline in Apex Legends, as nobody else has a kit made purely to cater to healing and provide support to team members.

Moreover, she's super friendly to use for beginners, which Respawn wants to maintain.Despite her utilities, the Apex Legends community has complained several times about her limitations.

They believe she will become less viable as players move up the ranks.There's evidence to claim that Lifeline is seldom used.

One doesn't have to look much beyond the competitive scene of ALGS. Many players have also suggested changes to improve the champion and make her more viable for competitive play.Respawn has now expressed what they think about it, and their vision of the medic is quite clear.

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