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All female romance options in Fire Emblem Engage

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Alear, the protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage, is the only character that can enter into any form of a serious relationship. Whether it's a male or female Alear, the player can build several female characters’ bond up to A-rank and then take it further when they finally obtain the Pact Ring.While it isn’t difficult to reach that point, not all relationships are romantic ones, and there are no weddings to be had.

Even if you decide at the very last moment to build someone’s bond up to A-rank and go all out with the Pact Ring, that's very much within the realm of possibility.

Considering that the game allows you to give an unlimited number of gifts, you can build an A-rank bond with any character in no time.If you’re looking to start a romance with a female character in Fire Emblem Engage, here's what you need to know, regardless of which Alear you're playing as.Fire Emblem: Fates featured same-sex relationships for the first time in the franchise’s history, something that has made a return in Fire Emblem Engage.

Although Fire Emblem: Three Houses had a few same-sex relationships for female Byleth, they were fairly restrictive. In the latest entry to the franchise, that has been loosened significantly.You can romance nearly everyone in the game, but your S-Rank relationship may not always be as romantic as you wish it to be.

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