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5 iconic zombies from the Resident Evil series

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The Resident Evil game series is one of the most iconic Capcom franchises. The first game, simply titled Resident Evil, was released in 1996.

Its release kicked off a long-running franchise, where mankind's existence is threatened by bioweapons that create "zombies."The series' 26-year run has seen many characters become recurring stars, including Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, and Chris Redfield.

However, these protagonists are not the only iconic characters of the series. There are more than a few notable zombies present throughout the various titles.These creatures are horrifyingly mutated by one of the many different pathogens from the different games, and tend to normally take on an antagonistic role.

Here is a look at five iconic zombies from the Resident Evil game series.Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion.This beast of a humanoid was part of Resident Evil 3, where it chased Jill Valentine for most of the game.

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