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5 best Support Heroes that counter Ramattra in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 is Blizzard Entertainment's second edition of the famous hero-shooter title that came out in 2016. The game has skyrocketed in popularity and boasts a massive player base since it was released as a free-to-play, unlike its prequel.The game recently concluded its inaugural season, recorded a successful launch and received its next seasonal update that introduced Ramattra to the rank of the Tank heroes.

He is the leader of the Null Sector, commands over the Omnic race according to Overwatch 2 lore, and took sanctuary in Shambali Monastery, Nepal.Note: This is not a ranked list, and the hero choices are subject to the author's opinion.

The choices may differ for every individual.Overwatch 2 has three basic categories - Tank, Damage, and Support, where each class has its own set of heroes and a dedicated role to fulfill.

The Support class is one in which players are expected to aid their team in the battle with many abilities that can regenerate an ally's health, make enemies vulnerable, or disorient the playing field to gain an advantage.The duty of a Tank has always been to become a shield for the team and is the first contact against the enemy heroes.

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