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Shovel Knight Dig review: retro meets modern in this clever roguelike

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Last December, Yacht Club Games snuck one of my titles games of 2021 in just under the wire: Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon. The indie was a left-field surprise, ingeniously adapting key elements of retro platformer Shovel Knight into a fast-paced puzzle/roguelike hybrid.

I left that experience with a newfound appreciation for Yacht Club, respecting its ability to dissect its beloved IP and reassemble it into something new rather than spitting out an expected sequel.

Its latest release, Shovel Knight Dig, only reinforces those feelings. Launching on iOS via Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Shovel Knight Dig is both very different from and very similar to Pocket Dungeon.

It’s a more traditional roguelike that borrows ideas from Downwell and Spelunky, rather than a matching puzzle game with an action twist.

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