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League of Legends Worlds song with Lil Nas X has totally divided fans

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League of Legends Worlds songs have become an important part of the yearly hype machine for the MOBAs biggest event, and this year is no different.

Star Walkin’ is an upbeat pop tune created by the social media superstar and all-around talent monster Lil Nas X – but it has most definitely divided League fans, with a lot of people stating it just isn’t hype enough.

Lil Nas X’s first decree when they became League of Legends president was to have their new song Star Walkin’ play whenever anything happens in the office; your phone rings?

Star Walkin’. Sending a document to the printer? Star Walkin’. Want to sanitise your hands? Star Walkin’! It’s actually quite fitting that the office workers will be subject to the pop tune constantly, as anyone who’s up for watching Worlds will be faced with the same prospect, like it or not.

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