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Hearthstone: What Are Locations?

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Hearthstone is a game that is ever-expanding, and ever-changing. Everything from the available cards in Standard, to the cards found in the Base Set, seem to change on the regular, and whilst this can stretch the wallet, it is ultimately good for the long-term health of the game.

It has been around for nearly a decade, after all. Related:Hearthstone: What Is The Standard Format? The Murder At Castle Nathria expansion brought all manner of interesting cards and mechanics to the fray, with Infuse and Locations being the big draws.

Today we are going to go over Locations, but if you want some tips on Infuse, we have a guide for that too. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Locations are a new card type that joins the ranks of Minions and Spells (etc.). They are summoned to the battlefield like any other card, however, they come with a bunch of unique interactions and rules that make them stand out from the pack (or deck). Locations cannot be targeted, damaged, or attacked in any way, making them near-permanent inclusions to your board.

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