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Goldeneye 007 heads to Nintendo Switch Online later this month: Details, multiplayer, and more

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Thus far, the Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) service has provided a vast treasure trove of nostalgic games to dive into.The latest to join the roster is Glodenee 007, the beloved FPS game released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 (also called N64) home console.

As part of the more premium Expansion Pack tier for the subscription, players will be able to relive the classic on January 27, 2023.Here's everything players need to know about this upcoming "retro" re-release.Goldeneye 007 was a hit release for its time, boasting jaw-dropping visual details for Nintendo's debut 3D home console.

Developed by Rareware (now known as Rare) of Banjo-Kazooie fame, the FPS title pushed the N64 to its limits with bombastic set pieces and expansive levels.

As with other NSO titles, Goldeneye 007 is the real deal.It is the complete game, emulated to a tee on the Super Mario maker's latest portable device.

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