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Does chemistry matter in FIFA 23?

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FIFA 23 is the latest installment in the legendary football simulation series, and the game features a new chemistry system in its flagship Ultimate Team mode.

This is the final iteration before the franchise is rebranded as EA Sports FC, and the game has several groundbreaking changes that make it the most unique and refreshing take on the series to date.Not only is this the most realistic depiction of the beautiful game due to its sophisticated mechanics, graphics, and animations, but it is also conducive to beginners and veterans alike.

With chemistry being a vital part of Ultimate Team, fans were initially skeptical about the overhauled system, but they have slowly grown accustomed to the changes.Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.Gamers who have played Ultimate Team over the years will know how important chemistry is when it comes to building a viable squad.

It greatly affects the stats of the players in the squad, providing boosts based on chemistry styles and chemistry points. The system has gone through minor changes over the years since its inception in FIFA 09, but with FIFA 23, it has been completely revamped.In earlier editions, chemistry was based on positional links.

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