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Destiny 2 is adding killstreaks to Iron Banner in Season 18

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Bungie is gearing up for the Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 in a few weeks, but there’s still some important announcements happening beforehand.

For one, the game is going to see some big Iron Banner changes in Season 18 — and not just the removal of Rift. Iron Banner is getting killstreaks.

Principal designer Alan Blaine explained the inspiration and how a new mode will incorporate the feature in the latest This Week At Bungie blog post. “What if when you went on killstreaks, Saladin shouted, ‘He’s on fire!’ and you lit on fire?” the designer asked. “From that chaotic conversation, Eruption was born.” Eruption is the name of the new game mode — think Clash, but with killstreaks that boost your energy.

When the match begins, you’ll get one normal point and standard energy for downing an enemy. When you take out a second target in a row, you’ll start Surging.

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