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“Can’t wait to see it” - Fans react as MrBeast teases his upcoming ambitious YouTube video

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YouTube legend Jimmy "MrBeast" took to Twitter to tease an upcoming YouTube video. He revealed that his next project had "over 10,000" hours of footage that was cut down and edited into a 19-minute feature.As expected, the social media update got a lot of traction, with numerous fans speculating about the video.

TikToker and YouTuber HeyImDam said that he was looking forward to watching it:Nobody does it better than MrBeast when it comes to creating viral and trending content on the internet.

In a recent Twitter update, he claimed that his upcoming video contained more than 10,000 hours of footage. A few minutes later, he revealed that the aforementioned video would be released on September 23, 2022 (Saturday):Jimmy's tweet garnered well over 40k likes within a few hours, and more than 1,300 community members joined the discussion.

One Twitter user asked Jimmy to make the video longer:Another viewer wanted the YouTuber to release the 10,000 hour cut:YouTube Creator Liaison Rene Ritchie said:Twitter user @RealKelseyMC believed that MrBeast was working hard:Several community members were surprised at the amount of footage:@Millions replied to Jimmy's update and joked that he should have spent the 10,000 hours training for the upcoming Sidemen's charity football match:Some fans noted that 10,000 hours translates to roughly 416 days worth of footage:Not all fan reactions were positive:Here are some more relevant fan reactions:MrBeast's most recent YouTube upload was on September 4, and it featured a 100-person "extreme hide and seek" challenge.Jimmy gathered 100 subscribers, gave them $10,000, and "locked them" up in one of the world's largest malls.

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