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The Different Types of Isekai Protagonists

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Isekai is an incredibly popular genre in anime. It serves as a form of escapism for the viewer who envisions themselves in the shoes of the protagonist exploring the often extravagant world they find themselves cast into.

It, therefore, makes sense that the protagonists of isekai anime find themselves at the center of some major conflict or prophecy, to which they are the key.It is also unsurprising that the vast majority of isekai main characters excel in this new world.

What is surprising however is the subgenre wherein they are not so good at what they do, either laughably weak in the new world or even mediocre.RELATED:Isekai: The Birth of a New Demon LordIn Inuyasha Kagome finds herself in feudal Japan as the reincarnation of a warrior priestess.

After shattering a powerful jewel she recruits the aid of a demon in recovering the stolen pieces. She is, however, through her own failings responsible for the jewel breaking in the first place.

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