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PSVR 2 Didn't Learn An Important Lesson From The PS5

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The PlayStation VR2 is scheduled for release next month and based on the information Sony has provided it is already clear the company did not learn the right lessons from the PlayStation 5.

The new VR hardware will retail at $550.00 USD, and it requires a PS5 console to function. This makes PSVR2 an expensive purchase that asks consumers to take too much on faith.

Even though PS5 console scarcity has improved, they are still not readily available through mainstream retailers. For those who do own the elusive PS5, paying more than the console itself for a VR add-on is a dubious value at best.

When the original PSVR sold more than 3 million units it was a milestone, and Sony’s VR hardware outsold its competitors at the time.

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